Dinner Menu

    • Appetizer - Dinner

    • Persisiran Pantai

      RM 43.00

      Gratinated Sea Scallop, Deep-fried Mackerel Fish
      Stone-grill King Prawn & Sweet Mango & Dragon Fruit Salsa

    • Darat Lautan

      RM 34.00

      Rice Paper Roll Filled with Smoked Salmon, Crabmeat & Chef’s Vege
      Deep-fried Mackerel Fish & Battered Soft Shell Crab
      Chili Garlic Coriander Dipping

    • Crab Canelloni

      RM 43.00

      Crispy Kataifi Prawn, Black Pepper Sauce, Sicilian Capers Salsa

    • Selat Tuba

      RM 54.00

      Pan-seared Foie Gras with Red Wine Sauce
      Poached Egg on Toast, Hollandaise & Salmon Roe

    • Crisp Garden Salad

      RM 32.00

      Fresh Garden Salad, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Onion, Olives

      Feta Cheese & Boiled Egg - Vinaigrette or Balsamic Dressing

    • Caesar Salad

      RM 37.00

      Romaine Lettuce, Shaved Parmesan, Crouton, Bacon Bits

      Grilled King Prawn or Chicken

    • Club Nicoise

      RM 43.00

      Green Beans, Vine-Ripened Tomato, Kalamata Olives

      Smoked Cheddar, Pan-seared Tuna & Poached Egg

    • Soup - Dinner

    • Bouillabaise

      RM 43.00

      Classic Seafood Stew with Trio of Scallop, Prawn & Mussel
      Garlic Tomato Aioli Bread

    • SOPA de AJO

      RM 26.00

      Spanish Garlic Soup with Poached Egg & Crispy Bread

    • Sup Ekor

      RM 35.00

      “Mamak” Style Oxtail Soup with Pita Bread

    • Tangkapan Nelayan - Dinner

    • Bahtera Purba

      RM 264

      All-in One Plate “Asian Style” – Lobster Kong Poh, King Prawn Masala
      Stir-fried Fish in Sweet Tamarind Gravy, Battered Soft-shell Crab
      Chili Paste Green Mussel Served with Briyani Rice & Mixed Vegetable

      For 2 pax - RM 264
      For 4 pax - RM 385
    • Udang Karipole

      RM 84.00

      Braised King Prawn with Cherry Tomato & Eggplant In Curry Masala Gravy

    • Hidangan Nyonya

      RM 70.00

      Steamed Whole Fish with Ginger, Coriander & Light Soy Sauce
      Garlic Oil

    • Lemak Gajus

      RM 84.00

      Braised King Prawn in Creamy Cashewnuts Curry & Chili Paste

    • Layaran Senja

      RM 70.00

      Deep-fried Fish with Sweet Chili Honey Tamarind Mango Chutney

    • Temurun

      RM 84.00

      Nestum Butter King Prawn, Fragrant Egg Floss & Corn Kennel

    • Lemak Jelebu

      RM 70.00

      Yellow Turmeric Whole Fish Curry “Lemak Cili Padi”

    • Asam Pedas

      RM 70.00

      Steamed Whole Fish with Mild Red Chili Spices, Kesum Leave

    • Salmon Cili

      RM 65.00

      Steam-baked Norweigian Salmon Fillet, Chili Onion Paste Acar Jelatah

    • Gulai Panas

      RM 70.00

      Steamed Whole Fish with Local Spices Curry “Ketumbar” Okra, Eggplant, Tomato & Onion

    • Sotong Rangup

      RM 49.00

      Crispy-fry Battered Squid Ring, Wasabi Mayo & Chili Dipping

    • Tukun Perak

      RM 89.00

      Tukun PerakFish Fillet, King Prawn & Sea Scallop Curry "Ketumbar" Leaves, Okra, Egg Plant & Onion

    • Ketam Berlada

      RM 65.00

      Steamed & Wok-fried Crab - Chili Onion Paste

    • Ketam Lada Hitam

      RM 65.00

      Stir-fried Crab with Sarawak Black Pepper, Ginger & Bell Peppers

    • Meat & Poultry - Dinner

    • Masam Manis

      RM 48.00

      Wok-fried Breaded Slice Chicken with Dried Chili & Cashewnuts

    • Cili Besar

      RM 48.00

      Wok-fried Breaded Slice Chicken with Mild Chili Onion Paste

    • Kayu Manis

      RM 48.00

      Oriental Stir-fried Chicken Thight with Cinnamon Powder
      Potato & Tomato

    • Kari Hijau

      RM 48.00

      Thai Green Curry Paste with Thai Basil, Eggplant, Bamboo Shoot
      Choice of Chicken or Duck

    • Rendang Tuan Rumah

      RM 60.00

      Traditional Slow-cooked Beef with Galangal, Ginger, Turmeric Lemongrass & “Kerisik”Served with Briyani Rice & Acar

    • Cendawan Besar

      RM 58.00

      Famous Stir-fried Beef “Nyonya Style” with Ginger & Mushroom

    • Biri Dara

      RM 80.00

      “Mughal Style” Braised Lamb Shank Curry in Spiced Coriander
      Served with Briyani Rice & Mango Chutney

    • Periuk Tanah

      RM 60.00

      Famous Slow-cooked Lamb Leg in Masala Gravy

    • Side - Dinner

    • Mashed Potato

      RM 11.00
    • Garlic Bread

      RM 15.00
    • French Fries

      RM 11.00
    • Potato Wedges

      RM 15.00
    • Beras Wangi

      RM 5.00

      A Bowl of White Fragrant Rice

    • Beriani Gajus

      RM 15.00

      A Bowl of Moghul Briyani Rice with Cashewnuts & Raisins

    • Ketam Lembut

      RM 26.00

      Thai Style Fried Rice with Crab Meat, Egg, Onion & Soft-shell Crab

    • Tok Janggut

      RM 26.00

      Kampung Fried Rice with Shrimp Paste, Egg, Cabbage & Prawn

    • Phad Thai

      RM 26.00

      Wok-fried Thai RiceNoodles with Egg,Tofu, Bean Sprouts, Spring Onion
      Battered King Prawn OR Chicken Strip

    • Bakar-Bakar

    • Jenahak Bakar

      RM 70.00

      Asian-spiced Marinated Whole Red Snapper
      Served with Mild Spicy Perchik Sauce, Sambal Colek & Acar Jelatah

    • Siakap Bakar

      RM 70.00

      Asian-spiced Marinated Whole Seabass
      Served with Mild Spicy Perchik Sauce, Sambal Colek & Acar Jelatah

    • Udang Bakar

      RM 84.00

      Asian-spiced Marinated King Prawn Served with Mild Spicy Perchik Sauce Sambal Colek & Acar Jelatah

    • Daging Bakar

      RM 81.00

      Asian-spiced Marinated Beef Fillet Served with Mild Spicy Perchik Sauce Sambal Colek & Acar Jelatah

    • Kambing Bakar

      RM 76.00

      Asian-spiced Marinated Lamb Leg Served with Mild Spicy Perchik Sauce Sambal Colek & Acar Jelatah

    • Ayam Bakar

      RM 50.00

      Asian-spiced Marinated Boneless Chicken Chop
      Served with Mild Spicy Perchik Sauce, Sambal Colek & Acar Jelatah

    • Udang Harimau Bakar

      RM 87.00

      Asian-spiced Marinated Tiger Prawn Served with Mild Spicy Perchik Sauce

      Sambal Colek & Acar Jelatah

    • Vegetables - Dinner

    • Sayuran Tanah Tinggi

      RM 21.00

      Stir-fried Broccoli & Asparagus with Garlic Soy

    • Kangkung Belacan

      RM 17.00

      Wok-fried Morning Glory with Chili Shrimp Paste

    • Sayuran Berampai

      RM 17.00

      Sauté Mixed Vegetables with Garlic Soy

    • Sayuran Hijau

      RM 17.00

      Garden Vegetables Cooked in Mild Green Chili Paste Curry

    • Sayuran Panggang

      RM 17.00

      Stone-grilled Chef’s Daily Market Vegetables

    • Kukus Sayuran

      RM 17.00

      A Healthy-style Plain Steamed Garden Vegetables

    • Western Favourites

    • Aussie Chilled Sirloin

      RM 84.00
    • Aussie Chilled Ribeye

      RM 76.00
    • Aussie Chilled Terderloin

      RM 91.00
    • Rack Of Lamb

      RM 87.00
    • Ballotine Chicken

      RM 67.00
    • Boiling From The Kitchen Pot

      Red Wine Sauce, Black Or Green Peppercorn, Mint Sauce Rosemary Or Thyme Sauce, Creamy Cheese Sauce

    • House Signature -Dinner

    • Steam Baked Cod Fillet

      RM 81.00

      Red Bellpepper Risotto, Siew Pak Choy in Garlic Soy
      Pan-seared Sea Scallop & Skorthalia Sauce

    • Honey-Glazed Grilled Salmon

      RM 65.00

      Roasted Blue Pumpkin, Cilantro Pepper Relish Romesco & Peach Dragon Fruit Salsa

    • Pistachio Crust Snapper Fillet

      RM 76.00

      Braised Endive, Seafood Mousse Gratin
      Crème Peach Capers Cilantro Butter, Chili Oil

    • Aquarius Club

      RM 264

      All-in One Plate “House Fusion” – Creamy Lobster Thermidor, King Prawn
      Fish Roulade, Battered Soft-shell Crab, Chili Paste Green Mussel
      Accompanied with Grilled Vegetables & Mashed Potato

      For 2 Pax - RM 264
      For 4 Pax - RM 385
    • Gratinated Creamy Tiger Prawn

      RM 87.00

      Spiral Aglio Olio Pasta, Chef’s Daily Market Grilled Vegetables Wasabi Mayo

    • Dessert - Dinner

    • Apple Pie

      RM 27.00

      Vanilla Ice Cream

    • Tiramisu

      RM 30.00

      Fruits Salad - Chocolate Decor

    • Cheese Platter

      RM 46.00

      Dried Prune & Apricot - Homemade Crackers

    • Seri Mahsuri

      RM 35.00

      Medley Desert Platter with White Chocolate Mousse Layered Cake, Home-made Sago & Strawberry Ice Cream

    • Ombak Rindu

      RM 35.00

      Fried Pineapple Roll, Home-made Cheese Cake
      Berries Compote

    • Walnut Brownies

      RM 32.00

      Vanilla Ice Cream & Chocolate Décor

    • Tropical Fruit

      RM 19.00

      Tropical Sliced Fruits Platter

    • Sejuk-sejuk

      RM 14.00 per scoop

      Your Choices of Ice Cream
      Raspberry Riple

    • Citronella Mousse

      RM 30.00

      Banana Almond Fritter & Vanilla Sauce